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About Us

Good Williams has been producing gorgeous artisan-made soaps and luxurious handcrafted skincare products since 2017. Previous incarnations of our soap company name were Trash Panda (which worked well when we were in Toronto, since it referenced their notorious raccoons!) and Lavish Alchemy (which described the magic we felt while creating new delights for customers to enjoy).

Now we are located in small town Ontario, Canada, living by the lake, and the name Good Williams feels perfect for so many reasons. I have a lot of “Williams” in my life: my father is a William. My nephew is a William. My boyfriend  fiancé husband is a wonderful man with the last name of Williams. The “Good” part of the name is self-explanatory. Our ties to our home and family are deep. And our soap is good – period.

Every small batch is lovingly handmade with creativity and pride. We use only natural, locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. We love to receive your suggestions on all our products, and custom orders are welcomed.

 Do something good for yourself today, and try Good Williams.

Red-haired woman in labcoat and gloves holding a bar of purple and white swirled soap