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Midnight Swirl - UNSCENTED


We have run out of stock for this item.

Darkly mysterious swirls show off the variety of colours created by nature. Alkanet root is used to naturally colour this unscented soap.
This bar is unscented! No fragrance or essential oils have been added, however it is produced in the same facility as the rest of our scented products.


FEATURED INGREDIENTS: alkanet root, coconut milk

WEIGHT: 145 g (approx 5 oz). A good, hefty bar of soap. You can easily cut it into halves or quarters to fit your own soap dish, or to share it with a friend.

NOTE: Every Good Williams product is individually handcrafted in small batches, so you will see variations in design and colour. Each one is different, and each one is beautiful – just like people!


We use only the finest ingredients, and source locally whenever possible.