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Why Use Handmade Soap?

by Caitlin Williams on March 15, 2020


What are the benefits of using handmade soap? Soap is soap, isn't it? Well... no, not all soap is created equal.
Here are five great reasons to switch to using handmade soap.


#1 - Handmade soap is real soap

Check out a few labels on the soap at your local grocery store - chances are they're not even really soap! You'll see "beauty bars", "body bars", "body wash", and other similar names, but few that actually say "soap"! That's because those products contain irritating detergents and artificial foaming agents, so they are not actually soap and can't even use that term. Handmade soap is real, honest-go-goodness soap, made from natural oils and butters and no harsh ingredients.

#2 - Wholesome ingredients

An artisan soapmaker carefully selects natural oils and butters from ethical suppliers to use in their soaps, instead of fillers and harsh artificial ingredients, which means a higher quality product for you. Olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, grass-fed tallow, and other skin-loving natural ingredients can all be used to create amazing soap. Local ingredients such as flowers, herbs, and honey can all be incorporated in handmade soap.


#3 - Handmade soap contains glycerin

Glycerin is a compound that is a natural byproduct of the soap making process. It is a natural humectant, which means it helps retain and draw moisture to your skin. Commercial soap manufacturers often remove the glycerin from their soap so they can use it their lotions and creams instead, so then you have to buy two separate products when the commercial soap dries out your hands. Handmade soap retains the skin-loving glycerin, so it can be much less drying to your skin.


#4 - There are endless varieties of handmade soap

In the commercial soap aisle at the grocery store, you may find one or two "speciality" soaps containing goat's milk, but that's not a lot of options for you. Handmade soap has nearly no limit to what can be added to the process, from beer and wine to other milks such as oatmilk, buttermilk, or sheep's milk, to skin-loving clays and natural exfoliants such as pumice or walnut shells. 


#5 - Buying handmade soap means supporting a small business

Getting your soap from a local artisan, maker shop, or farmer's market means supporting a small, local business. You are supporting your local community, and your purchases make a big difference to a real, local human being. We thank you for appreciating our work, and we strive to make you glad about your decision to shop with us.